Trading Card Game

Build your deck with more than 1000 cards.


Go online and defeat others leaders to be a Master of the Galaxy

Multi devices

1 vs. 1 ? Co-op ? 2 vs. 2 ? Larger screen ? BCG is available in the most of smartphones and tablets. You can also play in your PC or Mac.

One account

Don't waste your time durant your conquer. Play with your smartphone in the train, continue during the day with your tablet, let it end in your desktop. Don't forget register your device !

Credits to win

For each game, you earn credits for some actions during your conquer. Defeat your rivals, mix some cards, create new one,make combos ! More you do, more you earn.


Find the Special Rare cards to build new strategies and win with no mercy but be careful, there are costs...

They conquered and they was too

Ruth Wood

Journalist, New York Times

I was searching a new thing to do for wasting time in the transportation and I finally found it. The concept of BCG seems no diffent as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh but it is ! What I like in the game ? The Multi-Devices.

Timothy Reed

Game Tester, Gamekult

The new challenger of Hearthstone in the space. Totally different as the others Trading card game, this concept mixes "Risk" and "Star Wars" with cards in your smartphone. It's just amazing with the animations. What I like ? The universe.

Victoria Valdez

Game Journalist,

We have seen Star Wars strategic in home console. Now we have mostly the same in your smartphone and tablet. BCG is so much attractive that I already miss my metro station twice... Recommend to be strategic, not recommend to be always late.

Beverly Little

iOS Journalist, iAddict

The Best Game of the end of the year ! Perfect for an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The animations are worthy of handseld console like Nintendo 3DS. Very ergonomic and the multi-devices is smart. I recommand this game.

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